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Charlie Hunnam’s Love Life Has Been A Real Rollercoaster

We all probs would at least consider marrying Charlie Hunnam if he asked. Even if it were just for a mere moment, with those eyes, and that hair, and that accent, I doubt many a bitch would immediately blurt out, “LOL, No!” And to those women who would, please bottle your steely reserve and sell it for us weaker women to put on everyday, a metaphorical and sense-wooing shield against the ever pervasive fuck boy.

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One woman in particular was helpless to Charlie Hunnam’s charms, Katharine Towne, who married the Sons of Anarchy star after just knowing him a few weeks after they met on a Dawson’s Creek audition. (Thank goddess I’m not the only one for whom Dawson’s Creek had a profound, core-shaking, life-long effect.) Hunnam finally opened up about the three-year marriage, which began in a 2 a.m. Vegas elopement at famed Silver Bell Wedding Chapel — and it wasn’t necessarily the way any girl wants to read about her ex-husband speaking of their time together.

He told the Daily Mail, “I’d known the girl for three weeks, and we’d fallen madly in love.” First off, if anyone I ever marry referred to me as, “the girl,” post-divorce, please hide your car, hide your house, hide your cat. He went on to explain their rationale, “What if we never see each other again? Let’s get married and then we’ll have to see each other again even if it’s just to get divorced.” And divorce they did.

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He went on to read the living hell out of the marriage, “Three terrible years. Three terrible, painful, expensive years.” Clearly he’s not over something, if he’s talking that way about it after spending 11 years with current girlfriend Morgana McNelis, of whom he’s said he’d, “Hope to spend the next 60 years [with].” I’m pretty sure Towne is probably casting some spells as we speak after that harsh review of something that happened so long ago. Don’t they say time heals, Charlie?!

He ended with, “But I got the cats at the end of it, so that was good. There was a small victory.” At least he’s a cat person?

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