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Not All NHL Wives Are Created Equal When Carrie Underwood Is in Attendance

There are a lot of admired celebrity couples, but when it comes to the best NHL wife ever, Carrie Underwood has earned that title.

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During Monday’s Nashville Predators and Chicago Blackhawks playoff game, Underwood surprised her husband Mike Fisher (who plays for Nashville) by singing the national anthem. In no surprise whatsoever, she rocked the patriotic song too.

Fisher didn’t have much reaction to Underwood’s surprise, but let’s all remember that he probably was in game mode and was trying stay focused. We bet he was extremely choked up inside and couldn’t wait to thank his extremely talented wife later for what was an amazing gesture.

What made the moment even cuter was seeing Underwood donning her husband’s jersey and jumping up and down during the traditional towel wave.

The expression on her face truly says it all. She clearly loves her husband immensely and supports his career. It must be a thrill to watch your partner doing what they’re passionate about — and Underwood is obviously just as invested in Fisher’s passion as he is.

Fans adored Underwood belting out the national anthem as well. Like us, they totally agree these two make the best NHL couple ever and they 100 percent approve of Underwood as Fisher’s wife — not that this duo needs anyone’s approval. But we’re sure it’s nice to know that Nashville and NHL fans cherish Underwood as much as Fisher does.

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If you’re not yet convinced that Underwood is the best NHL wife ever, just check out this Instagram the singer shared Monday evening.

Now that is some Predators and husband spirit, don’t you think? Oh, and what about this Instagram video?

Only the biggest fan and supportive wife screams like that. Fisher, you are one lucky guy. If that isn’t enough, the country singer also made sure her nails were playoff ready.

That is dedication right there. Underwood and Fisher really are couple goals. They are the definition of what partners should be. Who else worships the singer even more?

The fact that she showed up to Fisher’s job not because that’s what a partner does, but because she genuinely wanted to and actually enjoys watching him play is a beautiful thing.

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Seriously, Underwood is perfection. We can only imagine what else she’ll do throughout playoffs to continue to live up to her much-earned title of Best NHL Wife Ever — and we’re excited just thinking about it.

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