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Emma Watson Stole a Highly Sought-After Title From Jennifer Lawrence

Last year, Jennifer Lawrence was named the highest-paid actress in the world for the second time in a row at the ripe old age of 26. But lest she believe she was a shoo-in for that title this year, we have a bit of bad news (for her). Emma Watson is now set to be the highest-paid actress in the world this year thanks to Beauty and the Beast according to the Evening Standard.

Lawrence made $46 million last year, and $52 million the year before. But as Beauty and the Beast passes $1 billion in box office sales, Watson’s about to make it rain. She’s entitled to a portion of the profits from the film as per her contract, which is expected to be more than $18.9 million, the Standard reports. She was already paid a fee of $2.5 million for her role as Belle.

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Beauty and the Beast has been killing at the box office, and it’s currently ranked at No. 22 on the worldwide all-time box office list, which is pretty crazy. It’s sandwiched between Jurassic Park (No. 23) and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (No. 21).

Emma Watson
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While on her press tour for the film, Watson started an Instagram to promote sustainable vegan fashion, focusing on things like organic cotton, silk and bamboo, recycled and forest-friendly fabrics and regenerated cashmere from companies that do things like keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. She looked gorgeous in every look, proving that you do not need to support, say, the leather industry to look chic as hell. Pretty cool — especially from an actress who’s paid enough to be able to wear anything she damn well pleases.

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