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Kendall Jenner Sits Down for Least Revealing Interview of All Time

Model, sister and social justice warrior failure Kendall Jenner has had a rough couple of weeks since her embarrassingly tone-deaf Pepsi commercial came out. She’s been keeping to the shadows and refusing to release a statement with any heart as an onslaught of terrible press continues to bare down. And with the supermodel’s version of rumspringa, Coachella, happening right now, she’s not getting out of the hot seat anytime soon.

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She’s literally stepping directly into the hot seat, having agreed to be interviewed at the Forever 21 catalog music festival. But she has no intention of getting real at the moment. TMZ reported that Jenner’s management is requiring all questions be submitted prior to the interview, with the explicit disclaimer that there be “no direct or indirect mention of her failed Pepsi ad.” At least they can admit it’s a failure.

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They mean business too. They ominously added that if any reporter defies the rule or even mentions that goddamn Pepsi ad, they, “will be immediately pulled from the interview and the outlet will forever be persona non grata.” What a shit show.

Kendall Jenner
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Honestly, the best part of this is the fact that the whole Jenner/Kardashian clan and their extensive respective teams probably get spontaneous IBS every time they see a Pepsi. And that will probably last forever. Let’s hope that the equivalent of a sentient flower crown festival is sponsored by Coke.

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