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All the Times Beyoncé Referenced the Illuminati In the Past Year

The rumors have been circulating for years, but we still don’t have any solid answers. Are Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z members of the Illuminati, a secret group of influencers who strive to control world events? Or are they totally, totally, totally not?

Beyoncé herself hasn’t spoken out on the subject despite a lot of speculation with one big exception: On one of the singles off of her hit 2016 album Lemonade, she sings: Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess.” This seems to imply that the rumors are created by people who don’t support her and also that the accusations are so lame and stupid that they don’t deserve much of a response.

And yet? Beyoncé continues to use symbolism that suggests Illuminati ties. Whether she is messing with people, whether people read too much into her every move or whether she is part of some secret group is totally unknown. Let’s look at some of the real evidence we have in the last year that Bey might be up to some secret society action.

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Her “Die With You” music video

beyonce triple six
Image: Tidal

Earlier this month, Beyoncé released a new touching music video called “Die With You” commemorating her anniversary with Jay Z. The ballad is sweet and simple, while the music video features candid home video footage of the couple throughout the years. However, in the last few seconds, Beyoncé throws a “triple six” sign, which is often associated with the Illuminati. Seems pretty weird, but it also seems pretty weird that someone would throw a highly coded symbol into the end of a touching music video. We are left with the question: Is she in the Illuminati or is she engaged in some magnificent trolling? Or does she just like doing that with her hands?

Bey’s 2017 Grammy performance

beyonce grammys
Image: WENN

Illuminati conspiracy theorists went haywire during the 59th Grammy Awards when Beyoncé appeared clad in gold with an ornate headdress showing off her pregnant belly. People were claiming that she was twisting Christian symbolism, like halos and Mother Mary, while others said that the performance itself was a Satanic ritual being performed live on television (to be clear, while the original Illuminati are not associated with devil-worship and paganism, modern-day conspiracy theorists often mix the two). Still others said she was portraying an Illuminati goddess in some sort of artistic reenactment, as Rihanna has also been accused of in the past. But wait — if she’s part of a super-powerful world order, why did Adele win the Grammy and not her?

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Her pregnancy announcement and photos

Beyoncé can’t even announce that she’s having twins without the conspiracy theorists jumping on her back. And let’s face it. They really had to stretch for this one. While everyone could agree that Bey’s maternity shoot was untraditional, and while she did catch some flak for some of her photo op choices, some people took it the extra step and claimed the pictures and even the announcement date were signs that Beyoncé and fam are members of a secret group. For example, the announcement was made on 2/1/2017, a date comprised of all prime numbers, which were allegedly highly regarded in the past by Illuminati members.

Believers also pointed out that Beyoncé was also sitting so that her body formed a triangle (another Illuminati symbol), but you can call us highly, highly skeptical of that one.

Her Lemonade album and video

OK, I know we said earlier that Lemonade‘s “Formation” contained a lyric in which Beyoncé denied being in the Illuminati. But in the very same album (and music videos) conspiracy theorists have found dozens of symbols and references to the secret society that is supposedly trying to run the world. As you might guess, some of these symbols and references are more impressive (and creepier) than others. And some are just ridiculous stretches. Still, it raises the question: Is Beyoncé trying to tell us something or is she engaging in some more next-level trolling?

Here’s a short list of just some of the Lemonade/Illuminati evidence: 

  • The album came out on a date that is significant to the Illuminati — 13 days before their big May 1 holiday that is the anniversary of their founding in 1776.
  • She wears an Egyptian Ankh symbol on a necklace at one point. Some conspiracy theorists think pretty much anything to do with Egypt is related to the Illuminati, although we are a bit confused about this.
  • At one point, “OWL” is written on a window backwards, and owl symbolism is big in the Illuminati (we hear), because one of their pagan gods is an owl. Again, while the official Illuminati group distances itself from paganism, conspiracy theorists often associate the two, perhaps because they have too much time on their hands.
  • She gives a witch’s hex hand signal at one point. We aren’t really sure why she keeps doing things with her hands that can be misinterpreted as Illuminati stuff, honestly. We also aren’t clear on why the Illuminati keeps getting associated witch things, since their official website (or is it??) explains that they are totally not religious and do not believe in either a god or Satan.

We are not sure what to do with all of this information, honestly. If Beyoncé and Jay Z really wanted to squash these rumors, they could easily do so by releasing a statement (something more than one lyric) saying that they are not associated with any secret societies. They could also perhaps stop making references and using symbols that lead people down the wrong path.

On the other hand, do they really owe us an explanation? And isn’t it weird to have to release a statement that you are not trying to run the free world?

And there’s another option. Maybe this is all a brilliant, ornate marketing scheme, something to keep people watching and interested. Something to surround the power couple with mystery. Who knows?

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OK, what’s your opinion? She’s in the Illuminati? Or… not?

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