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Bill O’Reilly Is Officially the Most Hated News Figure on TV

You know that old saying, all publicity is good publicity? Well, it looks like Bill O’Reilly has made himself a pretty good career off of bad publicity, proving that this is one saying that might actually hold true.

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A new survey from the National Research Group found that O’Reilly is viewed the most negatively by the public. In fact, 24 percent of people surveyed said they felt “very unfavorable” about O’Reilly.

Honestly, I’m actually surprised that percentage wasn’t a bit higher, especially considering that this survey was conducted over the weekend that news broke about O’Reilly being accused of sexually harassing and/or verbally abusing five women.

But in a world where our president has been accused of the same thing, I guess you can’t exactly expect sexual harassment allegations to ruin a man’s career.

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National Research Group CEO Jon Penn explained, “In a different time, O’Reilly’s situation should have destroyed his career. But in today’s polarized climate, it amplifies his appeal among Trump voters. To his supporters, the O’Reilly brand personifies aggression, controversy, independence and fearlessness, [and] his talking points are ‘real’ — it’s the rest of the media news that is fake.”

In fact, the scandal has only helped O’Reilly’s ratings, according to The Hollywood Reporter. I’m really hoping this is because people were simply hoping he would comment on the charges and not because they actually took O’Reilly’s show seriously.

Excuse me while I go pour myself a shot or two.

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While ratings may have seen a boost, advertisers are quickly pulling out of The O’Reilly Factor, which means that, viewers or not, O’Reilly could soon be out of a show. Justice could prevail after all.

Do you think Fox News should pull the plug on The O’Reilly Factor, or will it weather this scandal?

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