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Sorry, DWTS Fans, Looks Like Sharna Burgess Has Her Sights Set on a Soap Star

The only news the fans of Dancing With the Stars heard about after the premiere of Season 24 was the showmance between pro Sharna Burgess and her partner, Bonner Bolton. The former bull rider was seen accidentally brushing his hand across her crotch, and all hell broke loose across every entertainment outlet.

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While everyone was distracted by the DWTS couple’s denials of a romance, Burgess was quietly dating The Bold and the Beautiful’s Pierson Fodé behind the scenes, according to E! News. For anyone who follows DWTS closely, though, this hot romance has been brewing for months.

Burgess and Fodé were openly flirting on Twitter back in February after Australia’s TV Week Magazine published a quote that the soap star is single but looking for an Australian romance. Was this a hint that he was already dating Burgess?

One fan chimed in that Fodé should date Burgess, but it seemed like the romance took off on its own. Their exchange was quite flirtatious.

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There’s also evidence that Fodé visited the Seattle stop on the DWTS tour this winter, and he attended the premiere of Season 24.

DWTS fans take most showmances with a grain of salt. Even though Burgess said she had chemistry with Bolton, she was doing it for the dance competition. The real chemistry was happening in plain sight on social media.

“It’s all a part of playing the character, for sure,” Bolton explained to E! News. “You’ve got to practice your acting skills.”

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“Which we practiced a lot this week,” Burgess chimed in. “We talked a lot about breaking down characters and bringing across a tormented romance that was a little bit one-sided. It’s all about acting at the same time as dancing. If people feel like maybe we were having a romantic relationship, then we did our job in our dance, right?”

While the DWTS fauxmance is officially on ice, the real question now is whether Burgess and Fodé will make their first red carpet appearance together at the Daytime Emmys on April 30. All eyes off Bolton, all eyes on Fodé.

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