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Alec Baldwin Calls the US ‘A Sadistically Shame-Based Blame-Centered Culture’

Kendall Jenner has been laying real low since her disastrous Pepsi spot aired, was completely destroyed by the internet and got pulled by the company, who apologized to both the public and to Jenner. But one person thinks Jenner deserves a free pass in all of this: Alec Baldwin.

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In a series of tweets, Baldwin defended Jenner and her involvement in the ad, blaming U.S. culture for calling her out for participating in an ad that made light of Black Lives Matter and other protest movements.

“Don’t blame @KendallJenner for that spot. Kendall is still a very young, inexperienced woman in an awful business. Blame her management,” Baldwin wrote. “I remember when my daughter Ireland and Kendall were little kids in school. I think it’s unfair to rake these younger ppl over the coals. The US is such a sadistically shame-based, blame-centered culture.”

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Sorry, but IMO, that’s bullshit (and I’m not really sorry). Jenner is 21 years old. She’s not a child. She is more than capable of being woke and paying attention to the world, and if she were doing that, she wouldn’t have touched that Pepsi ad with a 10-foot pole.

This idea that Jenner gets a pass for participating in something that turns police violence against black people into something a can of Pepsi solves just because she’s young is as problematic as the ad itself. The fact that Jenner has as much influence as she does makes it even more important for her to be called out for her part in this. It’s the only way she’s going to wake up and see that the problem here isn’t the fact that she’s being blamed for participating in such a painfully tone-deaf ad. It’s that ad existed in the first place.

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