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The Trailer for Salma Hayek’s New Film Will Give You Life

If you’ve been waiting to see your societal rage at what’s going on in the world fictionalized and acted out on screen by some of your favorite actors, it’s finally happening. It may not be something you’ve really been thinking about, but when you see the trailer for Salma Hayek’s new film, Beatriz at Dinner, you will realize it’s the thing you didn’t know you’ve been wanting.

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The film has a bit of a Sofia Coppola meets Coen brothers feel. It will likely operate with a subtle nuance that escalates to anxiety and explosion while also teasing an undercurrent that things might not be as they seem. I got a The Lobster vibe, but without all the incredibly bizarre metaphysical and magical realism stuff. The film will also be in one of the more niche subgenres of film, but one of my favorites: the dinner party genre. I love those kinds of movies. Who doesn’t love a fancy dinner party where shit hits the fan after you drink all of someone else’s expensive wine? No one. No one doesn’t love that.

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What’s most exciting beyond the stylization is the content. John Lithgow, the force that he is, delivers some Steve Bannon sinister capitalist tycoon realness matched by Salma Hayek’s honest, impassioned healer mystique. He initially mistakes her for staff of the mansion where the dinner party plays out. Considering the cultural and sociopolitical conversation and climate right now, combined with the political rhetoric and the goals of Congress and the current administration, the film feels like a surreal manifestation of our collective consciousness. The white male 1 percent being directly confronted by global culture, womanhood, spiritualism and empathy is exactly what we’ve been needing to see.

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So, get your popcorn ready. The film hits theaters June 9.

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