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Brett Eldredge’s Instagram Is the Most Wonderful Place on the Internet

Some days, the clouds part and the heavens shine down upon us mere mortals with a gift so wonderful it makes us want to stroll around in the streets singing, Disney princess style. Today, my friends, is one of those days. The gift? None other than the unconscionably hot country crooner Brett Eldredge and the bromance he’s got going with his four-legged BFF, Edgar.

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Y’all. I mean, y’all. C’mon now, you know we’ve got to talk about the overload of cuteness courtesy of these two that is currently taking over our Twitter and Instagram feeds. Last night, I saw a falling star, and this afternoon I stumbled down this rabbit hole of Brett-Eldredge-and-his-dog-Edgar adorableness. Coincidence? I think not.

These two are so — dare I go there? — doggone cute it makes my ovaries hurt. They’re officially country’s hottest new duo, ’cause their cuteness is, ahem, off the charts. Whether Eldredge is nursing his precious pup through a broken toe or chillin’ with him on a beach somewhere, the duo is like a living, breathing PSA for why all dudes should have dogs.

Let’s start with the obvious here: Eldredge is smokin’ hot on his own. (Sorry for the blatant objectification, buddy, but if the cowboy boot fits…) Please refer to exhibits A, B and C for reference.

It’s not as though he needs any accoutrements, so piling on the cute factor with a puppy that looks perfect enough to have popped right out of a J.Crew catalog only ups Eldredge’s innate appeal.

But, you know, let’s let the proof do the talking. Gird your loins, though — what you are about to see is sure to elicit a few aww’s and quite likely a deep, abiding longing for someone who looks at you the way Eldredge looks at Edgar.

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As is readily apparent (if you can see through the heart-eye emoji side effect of beholding this precious pair), their cuteness knows no bounds.

From swimming buddies

To winding down with a lil’ Etta

To slow-dancing on Eldredge’s birthday

To swaggin’ out in the city

To winding down with a Train classic

To goin’ “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

And playing in a pile of leaves

To showing their team spirit

Or flexing their “babe-watching” skills

From the very beginning…

Eldredge and Edgar have been sending hearts aflutter and stepping up #squadgoals for the rest of us.

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Want to excessively immerse yourself in everything Eldredge (and his adorable dog, too), like we fully intend to do in the coming days weeks months forever? Start by streaming his new single, “Somethin’ I’m Good At,” on repeat.

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