Supernatural Needs to Bring Castiel Back Right Now

“This is my voicemail, make your voice — a mail.” This is all we’ve been given of Castiel since Episode 15, where he went back upstairs to Heaven.

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His absence has reached an irritating point of frustration. Even Dean is concerned about Cas’ whereabouts, just like viewers have been for the past few weeks.

Seriously, why has there been zero footage of Cas? Just because he’s in Heaven doesn’t mean there can’t be scenes with him. There may very well be a good reason for this on the showrunners’ part, and let’s hope so. If not, then why have we been devoid of Cas for far too long?

Remember, Castiel returned to Heaven now that things are on the mend thanks to Lucifer’s impending child. Cas was informed that he had an open invitation to come back upstairs if he helped his fellow angels track down Kelly Kline, aka Lucifer’s baby mama. And now that Joshua is back in the fold, he has some type of plan. Whatever that plan is remains unknown, but we can only assume Cas now knows.

Based on the promo for the next new episode (in two weeks), it appears that Cas finally returns. It’s about time, right? Here’s hoping he brings Sam and Dean into the angel loop, because there are already far too many secrets and big bads running around.

As you can see below, fans of the show feel the same way about Cas’ lack of appearances. There’s been way too much British Men of Letters and way too little of our favorite angel.

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And just because we were gifted a couple of Cas-heavy episodes this season, that doesn’t make up for his disappearance now. Again, it looks like Cas will finally make his triumphant return in two weeks, but let’s keep those fingers crossed that it’s not for only a few seconds — and that he doesn’t disappear for the next few episodes after this, either.

Fans need their fill of Cas, not the opposite. Give the people what they want!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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