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No One Is More Deserving of This Sweet Tribute Than Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty must be one of the most loved and respected women in Hollywood.

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She’s been such a champion for the women she works with, fighting for their equal pay and recognition in the industry, for as long as she’s been in it. And since she revealed in August of 2015 that she was battling breast cancer, she’s been inspiring people all over the world with her real, brave-as-all-hell social media posts documenting what it’s like to fight the disease.

It’s no wonder she has the kinds of friendships that are so beautiful they make us wanna cry.

One of those is with longtime friend Sarah Michelle Gellar, who recognized Doherty’s birthday with a tribute on Instagram that has us sobbing.

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“Where do I even start with this birthday girl?!?” Gellar wrote alongside a photo of herself and Doherty, who’s cracking up at something. “She’s everything. She’s inspired me…well since… even before I called her a friend.”

Gellar continued, “But over the last year, I have watched her inspire and give hope to the world. I thought I knew how tough she was, but I didn’t even have a clue to her power. When I think twice about leaving the house without makeup, Shannen shaved her head on the public stage. While I fiercely guard my privacy, she opened her life, her struggles, her fears and her journey to help people she has never even met. She is a true friend to everyone. Shannon [sic] also has the greatest laugh in the world, which is why I chose this picture. To the fiercest, most loyal friend I know….let’s party like it’s your birthday!!! I love you.”

I’m not crying; you’re crying.

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Happy birthday, Shannen Doherty, you perfect queen, you.

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