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That Time Tarek El Moussa Used 17 Hashtags to Prove He Loves His Son

Remember when your parents discovered Candy Crush and suddenly your life was a constant barrage of 700 social media notifications a day while they invited you to play and sent you lives and gifts? That’s pretty much Tarek El Moussa on Instagram right now.

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El Moussa shared a photo of his 19-month-old son Brayden with, no joke,19 hashtags. Well, only 17 if you don’t count the ones he used more than once. Sorry, Tarek, but you’re not doing that right.

Among the tags El Moussa used (which, for anyone who doesn’t know, exist so users can find photos that fit certain descriptions), were #gangster, #everything, #instagood, #beautifull with two L’s, #handsome, #cute, #adorable, #summer, #friends, #smile, #fun, #fliporflop, #hgtv, #me, #smile again, #friends again, #picoftheday, and, for some reason, #remodel. Pretty sure people checking out the #gangster and #remodel tags on Instagram aren’t looking for pictures of a baby eating mac and cheese, but that’s what they’re gonna get. Someone stop this guy.

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El Moussa’s embarrassing lack of social media acumen aside, his kid is friggin’ adorable and looks just like him. And he and his estranged wife, Christina El Moussa, have been kicking ass at co-parenting since they split up more than a year ago. They’re also parents to a 6-year-old daughter named Taylor.

“There are good days, bad days, but, you know, it’s our job,” Tarek told Entertainment Tonight in an interview about their split back in February. “We love what we do, so we fight through it. We know what we have to do to support our family and continue our career.”

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