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Anderson Cooper Reacting to Trump’s North Korea Comments Is All of Us

If Anderson Cooper is rendered completely speechless by the things Donald Trump says, what hope is there for the rest of us?

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On his show, Anderson Cooper 360, Cooper was completely taken aback after reading a Wall Street Journal report claiming that Trump spent 10 minutes learning some history about China and North Korea, and then proclaimed that solving the escalating crisis in North Korea might just be “not so easy.”

“President Trump said in the Wall Street Journal today that after listening to the Chinese president explain the history of China and North Korea for about 10 minutes, he, quote, ‘realized it’s not so easy.'”

Cooper took a moment to let that statement sink in, and you should too. And then check out his face, because it is all of us.

Anderson Cooper reaction gif
Image: You Too/YouTube

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Seriously. His face.

Anderson Cooper reaction gif
Image: You Too/YouTube

The panel talks about how we really shouldn’t be all that surprised because Trump has done the exact same thing on a number of issues, like, I don’t know, when he said “no one could have known” that health care is complicated. As Cooper puts it, “You know what? A lot of people did. In fact, pretty much everybody knew it was really, really complicated.”

On one hand, the joke’s on Trump for being a giant fucking idiot about policy in the country he now runs. On the other hand, joke’s on all of us because we elected this asshole, and now this is what we have to deal with. Way to go, America. Way. To. Go.

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