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Bachelorette Releases a Dreadfully Disappointing Trailer for Rachel’s Season

Bachelor franchise producers, what gives?!

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Those of us who are committed citizens of Bachelor Nation must be predictable as all hell, because for season after season now, the producers have given us the most boring, useless promos possible. We’re so stoked for Rachel Lindsay to be the next Bachelorette, and we may have squealed at our computer screens when we saw that her first promo dropped today only to watch it and find out that it’s complete bullshit.

See for yourself:

The video is all of 16 seconds long and just features little flashes of footage from when Lindsay competed on The Bachelor. There’s nothing new. Not even a hint at something new. How is this a promo? We’ve already seen this, ABC. Give us something to make us excited!

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Of course, therein lies the rub. ABC knows we’re excited anyway, and it can give us the shittiest shit promo videos before the season premieres, and we’ll all tune in anyway. We’re so predictable it hurts.

Also, since ABC isn’t giving up anything about the upcoming season, which starts airing next month, we’re basically being forced to scour the internet for spoilers. We didn’t want it to come to this, ABC, but here we are. When we accidentally ruin the entire season for ourselves, it’s going to be all the fault of the producers who gave us that terrible promo.

In the meantime, without going too deep for spoilers, let’s all just take a minute to talk about how gorgeous Lindsay looks on Night 1 courtesy of Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss:

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