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Stranger Things Star Shannon Purser Just Became the Dear Abby for Millennials

Signal boost: Stranger Things and Riverdale actress Shannon Purser is well on her way to becoming the cool, honest life coach that millennials everywhere might want in their lives. Purser opened up on Twitter about her sexuality on Tuesday night, and in the process showed us a new side to herself. The moment wasn’t just enlightening because it gave us a better insight into Purser’s own head, it was comforting and empowering knowing that there was someone out there speaking up and maybe opening the floor for more conversation on the topic.

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Without much explanation as to why she was tweeting, Purser took four tweets to explain her thoughts on the connection between her own sexuality and her struggles with anxiety. While Purser didn’t specify her own sexuality (not that it matters whatsoever), it would appear that she was coming from a truly warm and loving place.
“Getting comfortable with your sexuality is a process,” Purser wrote. “It’s going to be ok. I wish I’d known that sooner.” That first tweet then set off a chain where she opened up about how her struggles to understand her own connection to her sexuality have been a serious learning process.
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There’s something so refreshing and honest about Purser’s thoughts on her sexuality. For teens, young adults and hell, even older adults, finding a way to be comfortable in your own skin is a serious process. Unprovoked, Purser’s words still act like a balm and could be extra-comforting to those who happened upon the thread and might be feeling the same things right now.
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All I can say is that on top of being the most bae of the Stranger Things cast, Purser’s inclination to speak truth to power has only made me love her more.

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