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Orange Is the New Black Teases a Crazy Fifth Season

Orange Is the New Black fans finally have something to give them TV-anticipation blue balls, as an incredibly dramatic teaser (via Vulture) has just been released hinting at some crazy ish that the fifth season of the huge hit show will hold.

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If you thought any of the other seasons were intense — what with the S-locking, lesbian love connections and poignant backstories — this one stands poised to blow them out of the water.

Orange Is The New Black
Image: Giphy

The teaser shows popular, series-long character Dayanara aiming a gun at an especially fucked prison guard responsible for some supremely dark plot twists as her fellow Litchfield inmates cheer her on.

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Cue Piper and Alex stumbling upon the drama and in their true them-against-the-world lovers fashion, running away. But of course, not before Piper can get in one of her classic white privilege contemplations, “If this is a real riot, do you think this is a step forward or backwards for equality?”

The most exciting news about the season, which will air on June 9on its mainstay streaming network, Netflix, will take place in real time over the course of three days — much different than previous seasons which have spanned weeks, if not months, while also including flashbacks. It’s exciting that the show is not just challenging itself thematically, but also testing the format of television itself.

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The teaser ends with a fade-out and a ringing gunshot. If Daya really did shoot the gun, which we won’t find out until after April’s showers and May’s flowers, the show is going to explore even more revolutionary territory than it already has. Orange Is the New Black has been a fundamental show for changing how we perceive both the industrialized prison system, and the hardships women — especially impoverished women — face (even though there have certainly been criticisms leveled at its attempts to do just that). Dare I muse, but could this extreme potential plot point even be a bit of an allegory for the churning undercurrent in the political left right now to metaphorically do exactly what Daya literally might be doing — kill the privatized prison system? If so that’s next-level AF, and I cannot wait to see where OITNB goes next.

Orange Is The New Black
Image: Giphy

Are you stoked for this new direction for OITNB? Tell us in the comments.

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