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Ludacris Shares Photo of His Abs That’s Actual Ludacris

Ludacris: So, I really want some swoll, poppin’ abs in my new video, but, like, the gym is boring and I’m not gonna stop eating corn dogs. Also let’s not spend any money on special effects, like, at all.

Producer: Hold my beer.

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No, seriously. That’s clearly exactly how things went when Luda was planning his new video for “Vitamin D,” because the result is this:

He either ‘shopped those abs, but didn’t want to spring for actual Photoshop so they just used Microsoft Paint on a desktop they found in someone’s garage or they took a little field trip to Sephora to paint that shit on, but could have used a YouTube tutorial or seven, because that is not Luda’s shade.

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Obviously, the internet is shook by this.

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Anyway, the joke’s on all of us, because apparently Ludacris was just trolling everyone and the bad CGI’d abs are supposed to be in the video — they’re the result of a weird fever dream before he wakes up surrounded by lingerie-clad doctors. Nothing about this makes sense, but we can all rest easy knowing Luda was in on the joke at least.

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