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All Men Should Strive to Be Jensen Ackles in This Picture

If you think Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester is swoon-worthy, then wait until you see Jensen Ackles feeding his twins, daughter Arrow and son Zeppelin.

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On Monday, Danneel Ackles first shared an Instagram of her husband sitting on the couch giving their twins their bottles. She appropriately captioned the image, “#ManCrushMonday.” Uh, yeah. If you aren’t crushing hard after seeing this photo, then you clearly don’t know what you’re looking at.

The CW star shared the same image of himself later Monday and hilariously wrote next to it, “When the remote control is right between your legs and you can’t change the channel. #twins” The fact that he is sacrificing the remote and TV to ensure his youngest two children are fed shows just how amazing a dad he is. This is what fatherhood is all about and Ackles clearly understands that.

Let’s all take a moment to stare at the beauty that is this image. Really, does it get any cuter than this? There are a lot of crushable celebrity dads out there, including his Supernatural co-star and BFF Jared Padalecki, but there is something that makes us swoon extra hard about Ackles parenting.

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For example, there was that time he played with his eldest daughter, JJ, and shared a video on Instagram for everyone to gush over, because how can you not? “Found this from a year ago,” he captioned the video. “She thinks we’re just having fun but I’m secretly teaching her some classic WWE moves.”

Between JJ’s little laugh that is the sweetest thing ever and being able to actually watch Ackles play with his daughter, we’re still experiencing a lot of emotions.

Or what about that time he shared this family photo, which features him yet again feeding Arrow and Zeppelin? Also, be sure to take note of JJ’s hand on her dad’s face. Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe the Ackles family.

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And here is the entire family at their newest business venture, The Family Business Beer Company. Never has a man looked so good standing next to a stroller.

Not only does he have the cutest family ever, but Ackles makes one amazing dad. Here we thought Dean Winchester was pretty perfect, but the man who brings him to life each week might just surpass him in that area, especially when it comes to fatherhood.

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