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Stephanie Rice’s Performance on The Voice Was Magical

The Top 20 has been revealed on The Voice, and we’re so pleased that this long list of talented artists includes the wonderful Stephanie Rice.

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Originally a proud member of Team Gwen, Rice almost fell short of the Top 20. Thankfully, Alicia Keys recognizes unmatchable talent when she sees it, so she snatched up Rice while she still had the opportunity.

Keys was inspired by Rice’s rendition of “Safe and Sound.” A haunting performance, it was one of the most impressive of an undeniably excellent round of Knockouts. The judges absolutely adored Rice, with Gwen Stefani complimenting Rice’s “power to be able to deliver your soul to people and connect.” She added, “I think you’re incredible as an artist.”

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Based on Stefani’s comments about Troy Ramey being able to deliver “so much more,” it looks like it all came down to potential. Stefani evidently felt that Ramey had more room to grow. At this point in the competition, choosing based on such parameters is something of a risk, but Stefani is all about navigating the road less traveled.

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We were initially disappointed that Stefani chose Ramey, but then again, she was faced with an impossible decision. Even though we adore Rice, we have to admit that a team featuring Ramey has its merits. Not to mention, talk about a challenge — Sia’s “Chandelier” is a notoriously difficult piece. It was definitely a risk for Ramey, but it paid off. Despite being pleased to still have Ramey, Stefani voiced her frustration about letting Rice go on Twitter, saying that both Rice and Ramey embody Team Gwen.

Stefani is by no means the only Twitter user who adores Rice. The fierce competitor received a lot of love this evening on social media.
We can’t wait to see more from Stephanie Rice on The Voice. Kudos to Alicia Keys for giving her another chance — we suspect our favorite coach will look back and be grateful to have made this key decision.

Do you think stealing Stephanie Rice was the right choice for Alicia Keys? Comment and share your opinion below.

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