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You Can Bet the Will & Grace Revival Will Be Riddled With Social Commentary

Now, we all know that after some serious back and forth conversations, teasing and final confirmations, Will & Grace is coming back for a revival season during the 2017 – 2018 season on NBC. And it isn’t just fans of the show who are excited for the show’s return.

“I’m thrilled about getting back to the world of Will & Grace,” Messing says in an interview with SheKnows. The excitement started up late September of last year, when a short, nine-minute skit was released in honor of election season. While the cast and production crew of the show were in talks for a bit of time, the skit really pushed progress forward. After receiving nearly 5 or 6 million views, many felt that it was time to bring the beloved sitcom back to life again.

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With a show that pioneered making bold statements and encouraging inclusion, the introduction of a remake during a time when inclusivity and diversity are huge issues being discussed at all times seems opportune. “It was always about making social commentary, shining a light on the politics in our country and pop culture, what’s happening in pop culture and keeping it very in real time,” Messing says, addressing what fans can look forward to with the show’s return.

But this isn’t Messing’s only revival.

Fans of Dirty Dancing are ready to have the time of their lives when the revival airs on May 24 on ABC. Messing, in multiple interviews, has cited Dirty Dancing as one of the most influential films in her life, with Baby being the character that convinced her to continue pursuing her acting career.

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For those who might be worried it won’t live up to the original, let Messing assure you: The iconic moments will be there. “It has all the music that the original had. It has all the dance numbers. It has the iconic lift, everything that you loved from the original is in there.” But how will it be different? The audience will find out what happened to Baby and Johnny after the summer and the other characters are more complex with much more backstory to them. And with Messing playing Baby’s mom, Marjorie Houseman, we’re sure that it won’t disappoint.

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And these remakes aren’t the only projects keeping Messing busy. She has recently partnered up with CoolSculpting — a noninvasive, fat-freezing method that doesn’t require surgery, pain or even a recovery period. “I love the fact that CoolSculpting is really an option that is about empowerment. It’s about embracing and loving who you are,” she says. You can read in more detail in our interview with her this Thursday. So stay tuned!

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