Brace Yourself Because Drake and Rihanna Are So Awkward Now It Hurts

Remember when Drake and Rihanna were happily in love and everything was good and right in the world and happiness still existed? And then they broke up and plunged the entire planet into darkness? We thought things couldn’t get any worse than the end of AubRih, but we were wrong. Things are about to get much, much worse. Warning: Scrolling down will hurt both your eyes and your heart.

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Somehow both Drake and Rihanna ended up at the same party over the weekend. What’s even weirder is that it apparently was a birthday party for a little kid. (???) There was a ball pit and everything was brightly colored and we’re honestly not sure what was going on there. But one thing is certain: Drake was there and then Rihanna walked in and they proceeded to be the most awkward exes of all time in front of a bunch of kids and other guests and their Snapchats and Instagram stories.
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Basically, Drake looked downright shook when RiRi walked in. She was totally chill and played with the kids in the ball pit, and he crouched awkwardly in the corner and stared at the ground and tugged at the zipper on his jacket. One of the best couples the world has ever seen has been reduced to this. We are heartbroken.

And now, since we all need it after watching that, here’s a reminder of far, far happier times.

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