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Debra Messing Stands Up for a Woman’s Right to Do Whatever She Wants to Her Body


For years, she’s graced our TV screens with laughs, suspense and a provocative take on society’s politics. But there’s more to Debra Messing than just a sense of humor or a razor-sharp wit. And as part of the #MamasMakeChange series, where amazing moms who double up as influential and innovative trendsetters are highlighted, Messing talks about her views, ideals and brand-new ventures toward positivity and compassion.

Messing, probably better known as Grace Adler from the long-running NBC sitcom Will & Grace, is also known for being a powerful female voice that rings loud and clear. Messing’s strong, feminist persona has carried through the various causes she supports, including being a global ambassador for HIV/AIDS for Population Services International.

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But even with her busy lifestyle and never-ending pursuit for positive change, Messing is eager to talk about the newest addition to her growing list of partnerships: CoolSculpting. It’s something she’s very excited about, especially since this new system helps to continue a positive dialogue and attitude surrounding body image and what it means to love yourself through the changes or choices you make.

“CoolSculpting is this amazing new treatment that is totally noninvasive,” Messing says. “It doesn’t hurt, and there’s no down time.” This procedure is the only FDA-cleared fat-freezing method that doesn’t require surgery, pain or even a recovery period. The procedure can be applied at your own dermatologist’s office, where they freeze any part of your body that you’d want flattened or smoothed out, wait for approximately half an hour to 35 minutes, and then go about the rest of your day.

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Messing is an avid supporter for the procedure, saying that a few months after the procedure “it’s frozen your fat cells, and it breaks down and disintegrates the fat cells and then over the course of one to three months it slowly is released from your body.” But, the magic of disintegrating fat is not the only reason she supports it.

“I love the fact that CoolSculpting is really an option that is about empowerment. It’s about embracing and loving who you are,” says Messing, addressing many concerns that people may have with any kind of procedure that alters your appearance. With present-day society constantly questioning people’s motives for wanting to change themselves, Messing is ready to support the ideals that CoolSculpting pushes at the forefront of their methods. She focuses on the idea that the system is a means to empowerment, helping people feel more comfortable in their own skins for their own reasons — and not for anyone else’s.

“This isn’t about perfection,” she says. “This isn’t about living up to any sort of beauty ideal. This is about saying, ‘I feel good as I am, I like the way I am. I like the way I look. I just want to be a better version of who I am already.'”

As a working mother, another integral piece of her identity includes her relationship with her son and the lessons she chooses to teach him. “I don’t think there’s anything more important as a mother than guiding my child into empathy and compassion, to see his level of privilege and to see that he’s just a tiny part of a much larger, more diverse world,” she says.

When asked about how being a mother affects her views or how she communicates the passions she stands for to her son, she explains that keeping him close and letting him see the investments she’s made in causes for the greater good and for the ultimate betterment of the world really helps. Including him in her initiatives is how she believes he can learn to confidently stand for his own beliefs.

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