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Is Robyn Brown Really Pregnant and Getting Divorced?

The Sister Wives are just an ever-flowing well of drama, which is probably why they make for such great reality TV. They’ve been plagued with so many rumors lately about their family’s impending divorce-pocalypse, and as much as they keep denying it all and tweeting about how happy they are, the headlines keep piling on.

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Now, the family is allegedly in total crisis mode because Robyn Brown, Kody Brown’s only legal wife, is reportedly pregnant with another one of his children yet still planning to divorce him as soon as possible.

“Robyn has been planning to divorce him for a long time,” Robyn’s so-called best friend Kendra Pollard told Life and Style. “Being pregnant has not changed her mind. She’s saved up enough money to retain a lawyer. This is really the end of Sister Wives.”

Pollard went on to say that Robyn plans to move back to Utah, where her family will help her get settled while she negotiates a spinoff series.

“Her family has been very supportive,” she said, adding that Robyn’s family “told her they will look after her during the pregnancy and help her get settled.”

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Here’s the real question that comes out of this report, though: Why are news outlets still quoting Pollard? What is her actual relationship with the Brown family now? We know that she at least used to be a close family friend — she was featured in some episodes of Sister Wives years ago. But she’s been quoted spilling supposed family secrets to tabloids for years. Why would the Brown family stay friends with her when she’s constantly spreading this information that they claim isn’t true?

So, either Pollard isn’t still friends with the Browns, which would mean information she has about the family is questionable to say the least, or she’s still friends with them, which would make it seem like the family is in on all this fake information being released. Pollard has proven to be wrong about the family so many times. Why are we still giving her the time of day?

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So, anyway, take this story with a grain of salt. Once divorce papers are actually filed, we’ll reassess Pollard as a source of Sister Wives intel.

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