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Demi Lovato Is the Best at Dramatic Readings

It’s finally Friday, and to get you through that last little bit of the work week, here’s your LOL for the day, brought to you by the cast of the new Smurfs: The Lost Village movie.

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Divided into pairs, Joe Manganielle and Demi Lovato face off against Ariel Winter and Jack McBrayer. The teams take turns having one member dramatically read song lyrics while the other tries to guess the song. Yeah, it’s as hilarious as it sounds.

“I come home in the morning light. My mother says, ‘When you gonna live your life right?'” Manganiello reads to Lovato in dramatic tones while she looks hella confused.

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Cut to Ariel Winter, who reads, “You can dance. You can jive. Having the time of your life. See that girl? Watch that scene. Diggin’ the dancing queen,” as McBrayer looks on and laughs.

They’re all pretty terrible at guessing the songs, but things take a hilarious turn when both teams start reading “Give Your Heart a Break,” by Lovato herself.

“Don’t wanna break your heart. Wanna give your heart a break. I know you’re scared it’s wrong, like you might make a mistake,” Winter reads while McBrayer looks like he has no idea what the song is. He guesses that it’s by Britney Spears.

Lovato reads, “There’s just one life to live, and there’s no time to waste, so let me give your heart a break.”

Naturally, Manganiello also has no idea what the song is or that Lovato is reading her own lyrics.

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Welcome to your new favorite party game! Now that it’s the weekend, definitely bust this one out with your friends. And then go see Smurfs: The Lost Village, in theaters today.

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