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Richard Simmons Is Busy Bedazzling and Getting Ready for His Public Return

For the love of all that sparkles, please let the latest Richard Simmons rumor be true!

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Those of us who grew up dancing along to “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” alongside our moms have been having a real hard time with all the strange news surrounding Simmons in the last few months. He’s completely disappeared from the public eye, and those who know him have had some conflicting reports as to why — reasons have ranged from just taking a break from being uber famous to literally being held hostage by his crazy housekeeper.

Those closest to Simmons have maintained that he’s fine and healthy and definitely not being held hostage, but you can’t help but wonder, right? I mean, it’s weird that he just dropped off the face of the earth so suddenly. What kind of Simmons fan wouldn’t have some ~theories~ about this?

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But Simmons could make his triumphant return to the spotlight! Page Six reports that he’s signed on to collaborate with his longtime manager, Michael Catalano, on a new line of merchandise. According to Catalano, it’s possible that Simmons could make some public appearances to promote his new products — though, officially, that “is yet to be determined.”

For now, we can only hope and dream of the bedazzled athletic wear we’ve been missing for years.

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For the record, Catalano told The New York Times that the more extreme theories about Simmons’ disappearance are full of “mistruths,” but he appreciates that the conspiracy theories are making more young people into fans of the fitness guru.

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