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Watch All of Chris Pratt’s #WHATSMYSNACK Videos Because Yum

We have all heard that actor diets suck. Chris Pratt isn’t just telling us, though — he’s showing us through his hilariously fabulous Instagram video series #WHATSMYSNACK. It may be the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It might even be better than Jurassic Park 2 (which Pratt is currently filming, hence the ridiculous diet).

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Pratt does have it a little easier than the rest of us, admittedly, because he has a nutritionist who is packing all of his meals each day and telling him exactly what to eat. I feel like I could have a Pratt-worthy body if someone was spoon-feeding me, too. Unfortunately, as we learn from Pratt, it still isn’t easy. The hunger is real. And it might be driving Pratt a little insane. Lucky for us, we get to witness his crazy.

1. The shake that might not actually be food

2. That time cat food actually became delicious

3. When you’ve got those late-night cravings

4. The manly way to eat an apple

5. When you do away with flavor for the sake of your butt cheek dimples

6. The carrot cake muffin rap that’s actually pretty good

7. The better than sex dessert

8. That time Star Lord approved Doritos, but Chris Pratt did not

Forget all the body positivity stuff out there these days (I mean, don’t actually forget it, but…), watching these #WHATSMYSNACK videos will make you feel so good about those extra 5 pounds. Because it means that you’re actually eating real people food and going to bed happy.

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Of course, this just takes me back to the age-old saying: If someone was paying me millions of dollars to get cut and eat cat food, uh, yeah, I would for the rest of my life.

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