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Scarlett Johansson Just Wants Ivanka Trump to Give a Damn About the American People

Scarlett Johansson has a big problem with Ivanka Trump, and no, it’s some nonsense like clothes or boys. Let’s be real for a sec: Johansson is “baffled” by Trump for her inability to really commit to the American people.

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While speaking with Arianna Huffington at the Women in the World Summit, Johansson lamented Trump’s apparent reservedness about using her incredibly privileged position in the White House to help the American people. “You can’t have it both ways. If you take a job as a public advocate, then you must advocate publicly,” Johansson said.

Quick to fire off more feelings, Johansson went on to not only tell but also show the audience how she really felt about Trump’s words. “Something I found particularly disappointing, which is that she felt the greatest change that she was going to make or the biggest influence that she would have,” Johansson said, “would be behind closed doors. Nobody would know that she had made this change, and I thought to myself, ‘Well, that’s empowering.'” Clearly not enthused by Trump’s BS, Johansson’s face took on a kind of “OK, dude,” look, complete with semi eye-roll.

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Johansson connected the dots between Trump’s “old-fashioned” views on staying in the shadows, behind a man, in order to be great and how ineffective that would be for making a meaningful change in 2017. “She has an opportunity to really make a big impact just by being vocal,” Johansson said.

She was able to acknowledge that Trump must be going through a big life change in a very real way, allegedly watching her father in a position he may not have wanted. She also stated that Trump herself was a smart and capable woman. These factors, in Johansson’s opinion, made Trump’s inability to follow through on the promises of advocating for women, or really any promises at all, more of a mystery.

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Johansson has had the benefit of not only meeting Trump IRL but playing her on Saturday Night Live. In a now weirdly on-the-nose sketch, Johansson’s Trump enters a ballroom and is blithely unaware that in this beautiful party in her honor, nobody wants to be around her. That’s because of her association with her father — her “complicity,” as it were. This sketch, funny a few weeks ago, now feels deeply emblematic of how we feel about Trump after all she has said and not done to advocate for the American people.

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