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Supernatural Kills [SPOILER] & the Timing Couldn’t Be Worse

If Supernatural fans know anything, it’s that the series is really good at killing off characters. That’s exactly what happened on Thursday’s episode — and the timing couldn’t be worse.

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The episode, titled “The British Invasion,” focused heavily on Mick’s past and how exactly he became part of the British Men of Letters. It all started when Mick was a young boy at Kendrick’s Academy (think Hogwarts meets The Hunger Games). He and his best friend were placed in a room by leader Dr. Hess (think Professor Umbridge), who told them that, in order for them to move up and become important in the fight against evil, one or the other would have to kill their best friend.

One wouldn’t think a child would do such a thing or would try to stand up against that type of statement, but the hold Dr. Hess has over others is quite strong. In the end, Mick killed his friend, Timothy. It’s all about “executing orders without question,” which is something Mick has lived by his entire life — that is, until he met Sam and Dean.

As shown in last Thursday’s episode, Mick has humanity. He doesn’t really seem to agree with how the British Men of Letters handle supernatural matters. He struggled with that this week, especially because it’s been heavily ingrained in him to follow “the code.” As Sam told Mick, “You only have to answer to your own code.”

Mick took that to heart and stood up to Dr. Hess at the end up of the episode. He refused to get Sam and Dean on board with their plan or hand them over to Mr. Ketch to handle. Despite Dr. Hess expressing the importance of “assimilate or eliminate” and how the Winchesters will be investigated and executed if found guilty, Mick chose his own code this time around. He wanted to “do the right thing” by supporting Sam and Dean.

Mick Davies
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It was a big moment for Mick, and one that was clearly a long time coming. At first, we weren’t sure if we could trust Mick, but his speech to Dr. Hess did it for us — and it made us like him even more than we were already starting to. Unfortunately, Mick’s goodness wasn’t something that Dr. Hess or Mr. Ketch were fond of, and Mr. Ketch shot and killed Mick.

We know. It was actually pretty awful to watch Mick die. He has this grand moment of finally standing up for what he believed in, and then the evil Mr. Ketch kills him. Goodness sometimes just can’t survive on this type of show. Poor Mick. With him dead, Dr. Hess ordered Mr. Ketch to “exterminate” every last American hunter there is.

Sam and Dean, you better watch your backs and stop trusting the British Men of Letters. Also, you better convince your mom to do the same, especially since she is sleeping with Mr. Ketch. Granted, it’s just sex for Mary, but she needs to take one giant leap away from him.

Mick would’ve made a great ally for Sam and Dean, but now that can’t happen. They’ve defeated plenty of big bads before, so here’s hoping they can do the same when it comes to the London chapter. Plus, they also have the Nephilim to worry about (Lucifer’s child) and Lucifer himself (they still have no idea he isn’t in the cage).

The good news? Sam and Dean are once again in possession of the Colt, so that’s one advantage, right? Though it certainly isn’t going to bring Mick back to life. Sorry, Mick. He tried to do the right thing, and this is sometimes the unfortunate result on Supernatural.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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