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The Walking Dead Cast Has Zero Chill Over [SPOILER]’s Death

Obviously there are major spoilers ahead here, so if you haven’t seen the season finale of The Walking Dead, stop reading right now and go watch it. You’re way behind.

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All of us who have watched TWD from the beginning have learned not to take it too hard when a character gets killed off because it happens. All. The. Fucking. Time.

In Sunday’s season finale, it was a memorable death: Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, took a suicide pill to zombify herself after her solo mission to kill Negan went awry and she was captured. Then, as a walker, she attacked Negan again. Unfortunately, Negan escaped, and Sasha was killed. Cue all our tears.

And we’re not the only ones crying. Pretty much every cast member on TWD is mourning Martin-Green’s exit, and most of them took to social media to leave her heartfelt tributes.

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Martin-Green already has her next career move planned out: She’s going to star in an upcoming Star Trek revival, something that has her The Walking Dead co-star, Andrew Lincoln, pretty excited.

“She’s an incredible personality with incredible grace and strength and tenacity,” Lincoln told Variety after it was revealed that she was exiting TWD after her fifth season as Sasha. “She’s a very impressive woman. She will be leading that starship with the same class and fortitude. That is going to be one happy spaceship. I’d love to beam myself up at some point in some kind of Greg Nicotero special effects makeup.”

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That’s a crossover we’d love to see.

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