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Samantha Bee Hits People With the Cold, Hard Truth About Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency is obviously a feminist disaster, but people are still holding out hope that his daughter, Ivanka, will have some influence. These people are just as delusional as those who still think that Trump will miraculously become “more presidential” with time. Sorry — it’s a nice thought, but it’s just not gonna happen.

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Samantha Bee is ready to hit hopeful viewers with the cold, hard truth about Ivanka Trump. She’s an accomplished woman and very, very beautiful, but she’s not a miracle worker and she cannot minimize the damage of the Trump administration. In fact, regardless of what her defenders claim, she’s contributing to the problem.

As Bee pointed out during tonight’s episode of Full Frontal, “Ivanka has stopped just one out of 24 appalling executive orders.” Bee also noted that Ivanka Trump has enjoyed just one more executive order-related success than her commonly forgotten sister, Tiffany. So why, again, is Ivanka Trump receiving so much credit?

Perhaps no issues calls Ivanka Trump’s intentions into question more than a hotel deal in Azerbaijan, which all signs point to having ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Ivanka Trump was heavily involved in this deal. Bee claims that, at best, the president’s daughter was just uninformed (still a big problem) and at worst, is perfectly OK with partnering with some truly shady individuals.

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It’s easy to call out Donald Trump when he messes up in business and in politics, but he’s never alone. It takes a village, and when it comes to the Trumps, golden child Ivanka plays a huge role.

According to Bee, Ivanka merely gets a pass from supporters because she is attractive. We like to make fun of Donald Trump’s orange skin and goofy hair, but it’s impossible to crack such jokes about his stunning daughter. She always looks fantastic.

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As Bee maintains, Ivanka is “the nicest, smartest, best-smelling Trump.” She also happens to be the most loyal. Sure, she may occasionally have a mildly positive influence on her dad, but ultimately, her chief goal is to help him advance his agenda — and profit handsomely in the meantime.

What do you think of Ivanka Trump? Do her supporters give her way too much credit? Comment and share your opinion below.

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