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5 Foods Meghan Trainor Always Has Stocked in Her Fridge

Meghan Trainor is kind of, sort of taking over the world right now. She has empowered women with her music and the way she has gotten real about body confidence.

When she came on the scene in 2014, she rose up the charts and seemed to become an overnight success (though I’m hesitant to use that phrase because I don’t want to undercut all her hard work and hustle over the years). Now, she’s taking on the movie world with her music by singing in Smurfs: The Lost Village, out this Friday.

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When you think of reigning pop princesses like Trainor, you think glitz and glam, but Trainor is just a regular old girl like the rest of us. We grilled her with some random and fun questions about her life (including what’s stocked in her fridge, because food is on our minds basically always), and her answers were, well, normal. Go figure. In fact, just like her music, you’ll feel like you can definitely relate.

SheKnows: What are five things you always have in your fridge?

Meghan Trainor: Water, lemons, turkey — I’ve been eating clean — celery and chicken.

SK: What are your favorite apps right now?

MT: They’re so boring. I use iFiles because it’s the place I put my music in.

SK: What’s your Spotify playlist?

MT: I’m trying SoCo Queen because I love SoCo music.

SK: What’s in your Netflix queue?

MT: Girls. I’m watching that! I’m right on those last few episodes. It’s getting intense.

SK: What are some products you must have?

MT: Lush lotion and face wash.

SK: If you were a Smurf, what would your Smurf name be?

MT: I is a Smurf! Smurfmelody. Smurfsleepy? That would be me. I could sleep forever.

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SK: How do you like your coffee?

MT: Oh, sugary and yummy. That’s why I don’t drink it that often. I love that hazelnut cream stuff going in there. Mmm.

SK: What is a book you think everyone should read?

MT: Oh, tough because I don’t read books, but I’ll say the Lena Dunham one. I skimmed that one with my friend because she was reading it. That was a nice one.

SK: What is a fear you recently conquered?

MT: I am afraid of the dark and I’ve gotten better at it. I have many night lights, I’m obsessed with night lights. My room is always lit up at night. That’s my problem.

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Meghan Trainor sings in the movie Smurfs: The Lost Village, out in theaters today. We also got the chance to interview the cast including Demi Lovato, Joe Manganiello, Ariel Winter and Jack McBryer. Watch the video below!

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