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Did You Catch Beyoncé’s Shoutout to the Illuminati in Her ‘Die With You’ Video?

Beyoncé and Jay Z have been married for nine years, and to celebrate their anniversary, Bey dropped the sweetest, sappiest music video we may have ever seen on Tidal.

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Over a new song, “Die With You,” family videos roll showing candid moments throughout Bey and Jay’s relationship. It’s really, really sweet. It will probably make you cry.

And while you’re squinting at the end of the video through your tears, you might miss the most important part of the video.


It’s so easy to miss, but in the last few seconds of the video, she finishes the song and throws up this innocent-looking hand signal:

Beyonce Illuminati hand sign
Image: Beyoncé / Tidal

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It is not as innocent as it looks, fam. It’s called the triple six, and it’s one of the known symbols of the Illuminati.

The rumors about Bey and Jay being the leaders of the new free world have been around almost as long as Bey and Jay have. If you’re like me, you always kind of shrugged them off, maybe even made fun of them a little. But for the first time, I’m starting to wonder. This seems kind of blatant. Are Beyoncé and Jay Z really hiding a secret of this magnitude? I am shook.

Probably more likely, though, is that Beyoncé knows how much people analyze every single image and video she releases for secret meanings, so she did this to fuck with all of us. She’s either our future queen or she’s kickin’ back with Jay Z and laughing at us right now.

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