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Netflix’s Girlboss Gives Sophia Amoruso a Second Chance

Sophia Amoruso is a polarizing figure. On one side, she has been quite controversial since she ascended fame mountain. To much ridicule, she registered for hundreds of thousands of dollars in wedding gifts despite her lavish wedding and being worth $200 million at the time. She also runs her flagship brand, Nasty Gal, with a controversial business model rife with dissenting employees and rumored exploitation.

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Personally, I also think that despite Nasty Gal being cute AF, I have never bought a piece of their original brand clothing that wasn’t overpriced, inherently cheap fast fashion that fell apart like most of those things do. On top of that, her first book #Girlboss seemed so overrun with her own lavish narcissism that it could never be beneficial to the everyday woman in the way it was marketed, to be à la Sheryl Sandberg (even though her message is also controversial). And her subsequent coffee table book Nasty Galaxy seemed even more a deviation from the message, translating affirmations into glossy, photo-edited, purchasable empowerment — which is inherently hollow. To put it lightly, Amoruso’s message of “Yes we can” feels more like, “Please buy my shittily made sweatshirt that says, ‘Yes we can!’”

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But on the flip side, she also is kind of all of us. She catapulted an eBay vintage slinging shop into a global conglomerate, and no matter how sinister that power trip has made her, it is kind of exactly what every modern-day woman looks up to professionally. So thankfully, Netflix is giving her a second chance (post-bankruptcy filing, also) by making a show, Girlboss, that not only revamps her image, but gives us all a female heroine we can get behind — no matter how close or not she is to Amoruso.

The show boasts that it’s loosely based on real events, so no matter how much you loathe the Nasty Gal, you should be able to enjoy it… especially when you see how hot, fun and sassy Britt Robertson makes the character.

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Most important, it’s fantastic to finally not only see a program that shows both how hard it is to be a woman in this world, chipping away at success in a creative and unconventional way while shoving a burned-out car up a hill in Daisy Dukes and flipping off the trolley behind you, but that also celebrates female entrepreneurship. We’re here for this new iteration of girl bosses everywhere and this revamp of one from the past.

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