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Kirk Cameron Wants You Well-Versed

A lot of us grew up with a crush on Kirk Cameron. Growing Pains was a household staple in the ‘90s, with Cameron’s Mike Seaver being a catalyst for the sexual awakening of many young girls.

Growing Pains
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Little did we know he would become a beacon of the Christian right. It’s kind of funny that his round-about TV brother, Robin Thicke, would create one of the most controversially sexual songs and videos of the past decade.

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Blurred Lines
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Cameron is working hard to be the good son, however, working hard to spread the message of faith. Despite their differences as well, Cameron spoke kindly of his TV father after his untimely death late last year, telling Today, “I … remember thinking, ‘Wow, this famous Canadian talk show host guy sounds different when he says words like, ‘about’ and ‘aye,’ but he’s really nice and funny, and seems like he’s going to be a really cool dad.”

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Accolades aside, Thicke’s TV son differs greatly from his actual son, who released his new show National Bible Bee Game Show tonight. It operates much like anyone would assume, as a pseudo “spelling bee” for children who are versed in Bible verses.

Jesus Camp
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It’s the kind of TV we should expect in the Trump era, when American evangelicalism finally has some kind of defensible battle ground. The most awkward part, though, is that in an attempt to not seem entirely racist, the show includes children of multiple races and faiths, which feels even more exploitative than it would if not. As Patheos put it, “It’s like the Spelling Bee, but with fewer brown people.” The children compete for $270,000 in prize money.

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The most interesting facet, though, was that the show will confusingly be airing its over 30 episodes online on the Christian Cinema Facebook Page. Chaos ensued:

Facebook Comments
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