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There’s No Way The Voice‘s Brennley Brown and Aaliyah Rose Are Under 16

One of the best things about The Voice is the vast range of talent it attracts. Artists of all ages go to great lengths to get the coaches to turn their big red chairs around. It’s refreshing to see those well above American Idol‘s former cutoff age make it big on national television, but we also love The Voice‘s teenage stars.

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Tonight, the best performance featured two very young, but very talented artists. Brennley Brown is just 15 year old. In fact, she celebrated her birthday on the show. No birthday gift beats being serenaded by Adam Levine, an experience Brown referred to as “the best birthday in the history of birthdays.”

Aaliyah Rose is even younger, but at just 14, she has a mature voice that belies her youth. She’s racked up considerable music industry experience after hitting the stage at the tender age of 4. At 10, she began releasing videos on YouTube with her mom’s help, and since then, she’s made a name for herself on Radio Disney and with the Saints Unified Voices (Gladys Knight’s choir).

With two inspiring young artists going head-to-head, we had no idea what would happen. We just hoped that neither would have to go home. Both impressed us with their respective performances; Brown proved she deserved her spot on Team Gwen with a lovely rendition of “Up to the Mountain,” while Rose channeled Meghan Trainor with “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.”

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Rose sounded great, but Brown’s performance was jaw-dropping. She received a much-deserved standing ovation from Stefani and Alicia Keys. Her ability to channel emotion ultimately allowed her to win the face-off, but thankfully, Rose gets to remain in the competition as well. Blake Shelton stole her, much as Stefani stole Brown from Shelton during the Battles.

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We’re so happy that both Rose and Brown get to stick around. We think both of these young ladies are amazing singers and role models. It’s wonderful to see their rapid growth under the tutelage of some of the industry’s biggest stars.

What did you think of Brennley Brown and Aaliyah Rose’s performances on The Voice? Share your opinion below.

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