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Let’s All Be Like Ivanka Trump’s Fur Coat-Wearing, Wine-Drinking Neighbor

The woman who lives next door to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in their new neighborhood in Washington, D.C., doesn’t look like she’s a huge fan of the first family. On Saturday night, hundreds of LGBTQ protestors gathered outside the Kushner home for a “dance party” protest for gay and trans rights, and Trump’s neighbor decided to make an appearance — in a luxurious fur coat and with a glass of white wine in hand — to watch the festivities.

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The look on her face is just so gloating and petty. We can all only aspire to be this woman. She’s the kind of woman who unapologetically drinks martinis at breakfast. The kind of woman who wears her diamonds in the bath because why wouldn’t she? The kind of woman who wears her Louis Vuittons to the grocery store for no reason other than that they look damn fine, thank you very much. In other words, the kind of woman we all should aspire to be.

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And, naturally, the internet was here for it.

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Never change, Ivanka Trump’s petty neighbor. Never change.

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