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We’re Loving Whomever Took a Photo of Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx on a Dinner Date

For four long years, we’ve wondered. Rumors have circulated; reporters have speculated. Deep down, we may have all known the truth all along, but never was there proof.

Until now.

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You guys, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are actually together. True love still exists. They’ve kept this ish a secret for literally four years. And now, finally, somebody snapped a photo of them together on a dinner date and put it on the internet. We could kiss you right on the face, you mysterious, camera wielding internet stranger.
And yes, we see that it’s kind of hard to tell whether that’s actually Foxx, so we submit further evidence as Exhibit B:

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That hat looks awfully familiar, no? Apparently, Foxx jetted to LA for a dinner date with Holmes, then hopped back on his private jet, snapped the pic that — unbeknownst to him — proves all our yearslong suspicions about their secret relationship and then just casually flew back to Budapest where he’s filming right now.

Honestly, we’re so lucky this even happened — over the course of the four years (did we mention it’s been four years???) that Foxx and Holmes have been secretly dating, one of the ways they’ve kept it so secret has been having date nights catered at home instead of going out. At least, that’s what sources have said. We wouldn’t know if that’s true because Holmes and Foxx have stayed perfectly silent about their personal lives together.

Maybe this will be a tipping point. Maybe they’ll finally realize they can’t hide the perfection that is their relationship from the world. The world needs this. Long live… Jatie? Folmes? Hoxx?

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