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The Sexual Harassment Allegations Aren’t Over for Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly

More sexual harassment allegations are being leveled against former Fox News chief executive Roger Ailes and the network’s ratings king, Bill O’Reilly.

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A new lawsuit has been filed against Ailes, who left the network last summer amid multiple reports of sexual harassment and cover-up allegations by Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky. Roginsky claims in her lawsuit that execs who are currently managing Fox News were an active part of covering up her allegations.

Roginsky also claims that Ailes suggested she sleep with “older, married, conservative men,” insisted on beginning meetings with a kiss hello and forced her to bend over and allow him to see down her dress. She says that she was trying to secure a permanent role at the network, but after she turned down Ailes’ advances, he refused to meet with her again and she lost out on the opportunity to land the job. Later, when allegations began swirling about Ailes, she said she was pressured by higher ups at the network to publicly defend him, but that she refused.

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And on Monday, Wendy Walsh, a former regular on The O’Reilly Factor, announced during a press conference that she is seeking an investigation by the Los Angeles Human Rights Commission into sexual harassment she experienced from O’Reilly. Her accusations come just days after it was reported that Fox paid $13 million to settle sexual harassment suits against O’Reilly from five separate women.

Walsh claims that O’Reilly said he would recommend her for a paid contributor role at Fox, but over dinner in LA, she declined his request that she go to his room, and she was soon dropped from his show altogether.

Walsh can’t sue O’Reilly because the statute of limitations on her claims has run out. Instead, she’s seeking the investigation, she said, because she heard many of the women accusing O’Reilly of inappropriate behavior are restricted by gag orders, and she wanted her own story to be heard.

“Nobody can silence me because my voice is not for sale,” Walsh said at her press conference. “Nobody can buy my voice.”

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Fox declined to comment on the new allegations.

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