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Kylie Jenner Is Low-Key Still Into Tyga if Her Latest Snapchats Are to Be Believed

OK, Kylie Jenner. You’ve got some explaining to do. If you won’t tell us why you reportedly broke up with Tyga, you can at least tell us why you’re singing along to his music while you drive (don’t even get me started on that).

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Mere days after news emerged that Tyga and Jenner had broken up — although that may be a temporary thing — Jenner has decided to still show some love for her ex-boyfriend’s musical career. Earlier this week, Jenner was playing Tyga’s new song, “Act Ghetto,” while she was driving around Los Angeles. Of course, she couldn’t just listen to the song and live in the moment. No, instead she decided to Snapchat the moment (don’t try this at home, kids) and share it with us all.

All safety concerns aside, I’m legit so curious as to why Jenner is playing Tyga’s music. Don’t get me wrong: It’s a fairly good track. It also features the lyric “Gettin’ checks like Kylie / Yeah, every day I do it,” which is very interesting. But it’s also pretty common for Jenner to soundtrack her Snapchats with different songs to help us get into her vibe at the moment.

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The fact that she’s playing his song tells us a few things about the nature of their breakup. The biggest clue from this Snapchat shoutout is that the breakup could have been amicable. If Jenner is still playing his music and is comfortable Snapchatting it to the world, then there can’t be too much bad blood between them. Even by millennial standards, that’s a pretty supportive and sweet thing to do.

Secondly, Tyga and Jenner might be getting back together very soon. While the reasons are unknown for their split, anyone who’s broken up with a long-term partner knows that the least productive way to get over a person is to immerse yourself in things that remind you of that person. Jenner wouldn’t be singing along to Tyga’s new music if this were going to be a long-term split.
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All I’m saying is, keep your eye on these two. This is definitely not the end of the road.

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