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Felicia Temple’s Elimination on The Voice Was a Complete Travesty

We get it. The coaches on The Voice have to make some really, really tough decisions. It’s not an easy job, and we certainly couldn’t handle the pressure. Sometimes, though, they make some incredibly perplexing choices.

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Tonight, the most surprising — and infuriating — elimination involved Felicia Temple. We’d assumed from the beginning that she’d make it through the season. She’s just that good. She certainly delivered this evening, with a passionate rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.” The coaches adored the performance; both Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys claimed that Temple’s voice gave them chills. Adam Levine took it a step further, comparing Temple’s performance to climbing Mount Everest.

Casi Joy
Image: NBC

Temple could kill any performance, but it really takes guts to take on Céline Dion. Not only is “My Heart Will Go On” incredibly difficult to pull off, it’s an iconic song. You can’t afford anything short of perfection when you perform the hit we all associate with Titanic and true love.

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Now, to be fair, Casi Joy brought it with tonight’s performance. Any other pairing, and we’d probably be just fine with her winning. Her take on “My Church” was very different from Temple’s masterpiece, but in a good way. Really, these two never should have been paired up because it would be sad to see either go home. Even Keys thought it was a travesty to pit the talented roomies against one another.

We suspect that, as always, it all came down to Shelton’s usual decision of country versus not country. In such cases, the country artist is always going to win out, even if the other competitor arguably gives the better performance. It’s Shelton’s comfort area, and his results on the show speak for themselves. That being said, we’re certainly not alone in thinking that Temple should have been able to move on to the next round in the competition. Several viewers voiced their disappointment on Twitter:

Blake Shelton is an impressive competitor and we have no doubt he knows what he’s doing… but we’re outraged that a talented singer like Temple is already done. Alas, that is life as a fan of The Voice — your favorites always go home first!

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What did you think of Felicia Temple’s elimination? Did Blake Shelton make a big mistake? Comment and share your opinion below.

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