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Scientology Is Starting a New Campaign to Smear Leah Remini

When is the Church of Scientology going to accept that it can’t push Leah Remini around?

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Now that her docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath, is confirmed for a second season, the church has been going after Remini hard. Scientology writer Tony Ortega wrote on his blog that he thinks the church sent private investigators to dig up dirt on Remini, which would make sense considering its latest smear campaign against her.

On the website the church started to refute Remini’s show, there’s a series of videos featuring people who have been a part of Remini’s life and who still belong to the Church of Scientology. All of them speak into the camera documentary-style to say terrible things about Remini’s character.

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“I was acting in an episode of King of Queens. I was cast in it. I didn’t know Leah or anybody in her family beforehand,” one woman says. “I just was cast. And when I arrived on the set for rehearsal that week, immediately she’d had a huge blowup with the director. And she was acting very mean and pretty awful and they actually had to shut the set down for at least an hour while she, you know, whatever, cooled off, came back, and then, she was pretty mean the whole week. And because I knew she was a Scientologist, I actually was embarrassed that she was acting that way.”

That’s pretty much the extent of it. In all five videos, people describe Remini as being unpleasant, rude, ungrateful and a bad mother. It’s kind of telling that instead of defending itself against the actual claims she’s made about its practices, the church is going after her personally. Still, this doesn’t seem like it’s over, and Remini has proven time and time again that she can handle whatever the church throws at her.

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