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No, internet, Vanderpump Rules‘ Kristen Doute Didn’t Get Engaged

Thank God April 1 has come and gone. The worst day of the year was marked for me by a dozen Facebook friends falling for a news story about kangaroos being released in Wyoming because at some point someone decided it’s OK for news sites to participate in April Fools’ Day. Ugh.

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Celebs were also taking part, obviously, including Vanderpump Rules Kristen Doute, who had us all going for a minute after she posted this photo/cryptic caption:

Yep, that’s a big ol’ diamond on that finger.

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Doute has been dating her boyfriend, Brian Carter, for a few years now, and they happily live together. It didn’t seem like much of a stretch that they could get engaged, so naturally, tons of people fell for the joke. A few, though, remembered that time Doute talked about buying herself an engagement ring so she could “try it out,” and commented with their suspicions.

Doute fessed up later with another photo sans ring.

“Where did that damn ring go?” she wrote, “at least I got a tan and it’s finally April 1st!”

Don’t feel too bad if you fell for Doute’s prank — she even managed to punk her mom with this one.

At least she didn’t pretend she was pregnant.

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