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We’re Living for April the Giraffe’s Birth Live Feed

If you don’t know who April the giraffe is, you don’t know anything. People who don’t live under rocks and who stay in tune with the cornucopias of the internet have just spent an entire weekend watching a live feed of a beautiful giraffe laboring. And it was worth it. As of this posting, April has yet to give birth — but she has been laboring for days. April has also been pregnant for 15 months, which is longer than most people keep close friendships. She has been pregnant through almost the entire election cycle. (And you bet your ass she was with her). April deserves to get this precious baby out of her, and the world is with her.

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April lives at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, and the live feed of her birth has been sponsored cleverly by Toys R Us. As exciting and bizarre as it is that literally millions of people have been tuning in to a live cam on a giraffe in labor all weekend, the event for the most part has been lackluster. April has just been waddling around a small pin the whole time, obviously going through the intense pains of labor, and occasionally popping her face very close to the camera in what I’m reading as a “Get this fucking thing out of my space while I give birth to my baby,” way. Not only has this long wait made April weary, it’s also turned the internet upside-down with April’s birth anticipation memes.

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Please enjoy the nexus of internet culture:

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Even April’s own account is chiming in:

Luckily, April’s partner Oliver is staying steady by her side from the next pin. You can keep an eye on the two and wait with bated breath with the rest of us for this blessed birth here: 

Enjoy skipping work tomorrow because you’re not going to be able to walk away from April’s live feed. Feel free to leave your congrats for her in the comments!

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