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Comedy Central’s New The President Show Is Going to Be Yuge

It was only a matter of time before President Donald Trump started cranking out more laughable content than late-night TV could handle.

Hardly two months into Trump’s presidency, writers have been working overtime on spoofs, parodies and satire. Comedy Central is about to double down.

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On Thursday, the network sent out a cryptic press release that seemed to hint at a new half-hour show featuring only Trump-related content. The release was branded with the presidential seal and read, “Late night TV is broken. A TOTAL DISASTER. I alone can fix it,” seemingly in the style of the president’s erratic Twitter feed. It also included a link to a Twitter handle for The President Show.

The Twitter bio for The President Show reads, “#1 show on television, many many millions of viewers. Hosted by @LateNightDonald. Bringing AMERICAN JOBS back to late night.”

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The @LateNightDonald account is also active, with tweets dating back about a week that seem to spoof things Trump says intermixed with disses of existing late-night TV.

Clearly, this show is going to be hosted by a Trump impersonator, something the real Trump is sure to love. But is it possible to fill a nightly lineup with jabs at just one politician? Actually, thinking back on how the first couple of months have gone for Trump, yes. Yes, it is.

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Who knows when we’ll have more details about The President Show, but we’ll be eagerly watching Late Night Donald’s Twitter for updates.

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