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Gavin Rossdale’s Got a New Bae and Everyone Thinks She’s His ‘Rebound’ Girl

Out on the internet today, you may see some headlines like this:

Image: Page Six

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Which is totally wrong because there’s no way Gavin Rossdale could be rebounding right now — he and his ex-wife, Gwen Stefani, split up two years ago. Sure, he’s dating someone else for the first time since then, but it’s definitely not a rebound. Stefani is practically married to another man already. Furthest thing possible from a rebound.


Rossdale is finally moving on, though. Reports say that he’s been dating German model Sophia Thomalla.

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According to a source close to Rossdale, “It’s very early days but Gavin is really taken by Sophia. They met on the touring scene and there’s plenty of chemistry. They’re having fun and the relationship has the potential to turn serious if that continues.”

Rossdale and Stefani were together for 20 years and had three kids together before they split in 2015 amid rumors that he cheated. She’s been dating Blake Shelton since soon after the split, and Rossdale has stayed single until now, even though his friends tried to set him up with Tiger Woods’ ex Elin Nordegren (it didn’t work out).

Rossdale told Bizarre earlier this month that he wasn’t actively looking for romance but was open to it if it happened naturally.

“Any relationship is so much about a degree of compromise, so my boys ask me more than I think about it, when am I going to get a girlfriend?” he said. “But I’m so busy that I just think, those things anyway, they just happen. It’s the kind of thing that when you’re not looking is when Cupid strikes.”

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