Tarek and Christina El Moussa Are Locked in a Weird, Immature Revenge Body Battle

Mar 31, 2017 at 7:33 a.m. ET
Image: Alexander Tamargo/Contributor/Getty Images

Wow, I feel a bit woozy. I've just looked at more than my fair share of shirtless Tarek El Moussa Instagram photos, and it was just a lot. Seriously, are we in high school right now? Because I know you're not posting these photos for yourself, sir.

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Oh, and Christina El Moussa is getting in on this, too. These two feuding HGTV stars are suddenly so at a loss for words that they've decided to let their revenge bodies do the talking. It would appear that Tarek and Christina are just going to act like weird, immature humans who used to flip homes but now just take jabs at each other by posting pictures at the gym or in bathing suits, whooping it up on vacation or during photo shoots. E! News picked up on this odd new tactic in the El Moussa playbook and, honestly, this feels so cringe.


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I'm not saying they don't look great, but who do they think they're fooling here? It's a bit too showy, right?


To be fair, there's no doubt that both Tarek and Christina have been through a heck of a lot of drama over the last few months. Whether it's rumors of Christina's new boyfriend, scary police house calls or general tabloid rants directed at one another, these two HGTV hosts (a channel not exactly known for minting big reality TV stars) have found themselves at the center of a very strange, public breakup storm. So, I guess they can be forgiven for showing off their pre-pre-summer bodies (I mean, it's March, guys), but don't think we don't see you out here trying to tell your ex that you're better off without them.


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I guess things have to get childish before they get better? Tarek and Christina, go do you. While it's definitely jarring to see two TV stars go from talking about crown molding to flexing muscles, I can't say it's not entertaining as all get out.