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All of Christina El Moussa’s Hot Dates May Have Just Been Male Friends After All

Despite being spotted with a couple of different guys over the past few weeks, Christina El Moussa isn’t in the dating game following her split from Gary Anderson, the contractor she was dating after her separation from her husband, Tarek El Moussa.

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It sounds to me like she had her rebound fling (as any woman should and does) and now El Moussa is spending time with her family while she moves forward with her life and career.

I’m focusing my energy on myself and my children,” El Moussa told People.

El Moussa also addressed her first public appearance with Tarek since her split, which took place on Feb. 10. She explained, “Tarek and I went to Las Vegas to do our success path seminars, and we do those every five weeks. So while it may have seemed like a big public appearance, for us, we’ve been doing them five weeks since separation and five weeks for the past few years so, to us, it was just normal.”

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It seems like these two really have the whole separation thing together. Not to say it isn’t difficult, but they have been open and honest with the public throughout the entire media frenzy over their split. They’ve also maintained a good professional relationship and seem to still genuinely enjoy working together.

Hey, if these two can co-parent together then they should be able to give seminars and TV appearances together no problem.

“We went home to different houses, but we both went home happy,” El Moussa said of working with Tarek.

Of course, I’m sure when the right man comes along, El Moussa won’t be going home alone. But until that time, girl is rockin’ her life as a single lady.

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