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The Grimm Series Finale Left Us With a Lot of Questions

Grimm has come to an end — and it almost came to a grim ending. It’s kind of hard to believe that Nick Burkhardt and the gang are officially off our TV screens for good. It seems like only yesterday that we were being introduced to Wesen right alongside Nick, who had no idea who he was or what was in store for him in the years to come.

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While we’re sure you’re still digesting everything that went down, including all of those deaths, we can’t help but move forward and discuss the series finale. For the past six seasons, the NBC series never failed to deliver action, mystery, drama, the supernatural and exciting storylines. Most of that can be said of Grimm‘s last episode ever, but we wish we could say the series finale didn’t leave us disappointed.

Don’t get us wrong, there were great parts — first and foremost, David Giuntioli’s performance. Wow. We have never seen him act as well as he did in “The End.” His emotions were raw, and he took Nick to a whole new level that left us blown away. There’s no doubt that Giuntioli is in the right business and has grown as an actor in his time on Grimm.

Grimm, Nick
Image: dailygrimm/Tumblr

There were also those two surprise cameos that we certainly didn’t see coming: Kelly Burkhardt (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and Aunt Marie (Kate Burton). It’s always nice to see familiar faces, especially when it’s two characters fans had to say good-bye to a long time ago. Furthermore, how badass were they in this episode? We’re thinking Mastrantonio and Burton need to team up for a future project or have a Grimm spin-off focusing on Kelly and Marie’s adventures as Grimms.

We also appreciated the 20-year time jump at the end that provided much-needed closure. Not only did the lookalike Aunt Marie trailer make an appearance, but we also saw baby Kelly and Diana all grown up and following in their parents’ footsteps by fighting Wesen, which really brought things full circle. Oh, and them referring to Nick and Adalind as Mom and Dad almost made our hearts melt. To hear just a mention of Monroe and Rosalee’s triplets also gave us a warm feeling.

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Yes, there were a lot of parts we enjoyed, but the overall story arc with Zerstörer (Wil Traval) wasn’t something we were on board with — not since Juliette and Nick first saw him through the mirror. Admittedly, the entire season kind of fell flat for us, save for bits and pieces, so we were really hoping the series finale would make up for that. Sadly, it did not.

Grimm series finale
Image: Allyson Riggs/NBC

The episode began where the last one left off: with Nick staring at Hank and Wu’s dead bodies after Zerstörer killed them. These two deaths hit us hard, but they almost seemed somewhat necessary to push Nick to do whatever it took to end Zerstörer once and for all. Then, watching everyone else’s reactions upon learning that two beloved characters had died added to what was already an emotional episode. Can we talk about Trubel’s tears? She makes us feels things even when she’s not fighting like the badass Grimm she is.

However, when everyone started dying? It was totally unbelievable. Before Nick knew it, Zerstörer was killing everyone he loved in front of his eyes. And by everyone, we mean everyone: Hank, Wu, Juliette, Renard, Rosalee, Monroe, Adalind and Trubel. After about the third or fourth death, we knew they would all be brought back to life somehow.

When is the last time a series killed off basically the entire cast? There was no way this is how Grimm would end. It would have been more believable and captivating if the deaths started and ended with Wu and Hank. It almost came off somewhat ridiculous, especially when Zerstörer’s staff turned into a snake and killed Monrosalee.

Can we also talk about how frustrating Diana was in this episode? All of a sudden she appeared to be under some spell from Zerstörer and couldn’t care less that both her mom and dad died. She was all about following him. You’re telling us that as powerful as Diana appeared to be this entire season, she couldn’t resist this evil — or kill him? What. A. Letdown. As badass as she came off throughout most of the season, to see her not even able to fight back was such a disappointment. And what about baby Kelly? Was it too much to ask for him to have powers like Wyatt from Charmed? Though we did appreciate that it all came back to Nick as a Grimm and him being the one to defeat the big bad evil.

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Grimm, Wu
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As we suspected at around the fourth death, everyone was brought back to life after Nick and Trubel (she was resurrected before everyone else) and Nick’s mom and Aunt Marie (they were there in spirit to push Nick to do the right thing) defeated Zerstörer and made the staff whole with the infamous stick.

Now, how no one died was also somewhat confusing to us. After Zerstörer’s death, his body somehow formed another portal, which Nick and the staff were pulled back through. At first, it appeared that Nick was going back to The Other Place, but what happened was that he ended up back at Monroe and Rosalee’s house at the exact moment in an earlier episode when Diana pulled him back through the mirror.

So was Nick in The Other Place the entire time? Was there a shift in time somehow and he was transported to earlier events, which then prevented anyone from dying and placed Nick in possession of the staff? We’re going to assume it’s the latter, but we wish that would have been explained further. Also, the way Nick greeted everyone upon realizing they weren’t dead was a bit cheesy. It’s like Grimm was trying to make an It’s a Wonderful Life moment, when George reunites with his friends and family, but it didn’t quite reach that sophistication.

Are we glad everyone is alive? Of course. Are we glad everyone presumably got their happily ever after? Indeed. We just wish it would have been done differently. We’re sure there are some who loved how it all came together in the end, but for us, it just didn’t quite hit the bull’s-eye.

All that said, that doesn’t change the fact that Grimm will forever have a special place in our hearts. It was truly an entertaining series from beginning to end, with an unfortunate few misses right at the end.

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