Supernatural’s Mick May Be the Key to Defeating the British Men of Letters

The British Men of Letters have proven to be nothing but monsters themselves on Supernatural, but that might all be changing thanks to Mick Davies.

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Thursday’s episode, “Ladies Drink Free,” focused on a werewolf attack, Claire hunting on her own without Jody’s knowledge and Sam and Dean wondering if they could really trust Mick or not. It didn’t seem like they could until Mick somewhat proved himself by the episode’s end.

The British Men of Letters have been taught to kill all supernatural creatures because monsters are monsters — and, as Mick once again told Sam and Dean, “Monsters just don’t stop being monsters.” He may have been fed that line of bullshit from his superiors and team members, but it doesn’t seem like Mick totally believes it himself.

Heck, despite his killing a teenage girl after she was bitten by a werewolf in the episode, you could tell that Mick was shaken up by it. Of course, Sam and Dean weren’t happy about it. Surprisingly, Sam took a stand against his new BFF and yelled at him, “We’re not angry, we’re done.”

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Like the good guys they are, Sam and Dean ended up giving Mick another chance, especially since he helped save Claire’s life after she got bitten by the werewolf. They tested some magical cure from the British Men of Letters on her, and it actually worked. Thank goodness she didn’t turn or die — we all know how Supernatural loves to kill off its female characters.

Overall, it seems like Mick may not totally agree with everything the British Men of Letters stand for. Does this mean Sam and Dean can really trust him? They seem to want to, at least. However, based on the promo for next week’s episode, it sure looks like Mick and Mary are sleeping together, so all of that might change. We’re sure Dean is going to handle that really well. Let’s also hope he remembers that Mary is a grown-ass woman and can do whoever and whatever she wants.

Back to Mick possibly being a good guy: He absolutely has done some questionable and horrific things. That said, people can change. Sam and Dean have seen it happen before. If he messes up again, though, we highly doubt that they’ll give him another chance.

Here’s hoping Mick continues down the right path, because he also just might be the key to defeating the British Men of Letters. They are not good people and take things way too far when it comes to hunting. As Dean told Mick, “Things aren’t just black and white out here.” They definitely aren’t.

You can’t judge someone just because they’re a demon, an angel, a vampire, a werewolf or whatever else. Maybe we shouldn’t be judging the British Men of Letters either, but so far, they haven’t proved themselves to us as viewers just yet. You know, save for Mick and his seemingly good efforts thus far to try and do the right thing.

Mick really could be a great ally to Sam and Dean, and not just when it comes to hunting. He knows the ins and outs of the British Men of Letters, so maybe he can either help stop the organization or turn them for the better.

Whatever the case, Sam and Dean better keep their eye on Mick — and keep him close.

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